One of our favourite Australian childhood icons Humphrey B Bear turns 50 today and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of him yet! 

Reports from Imagination Entertainment – the current owners of Humphrey – have announced that not only may Humphrey return to our screens but the mute bear may also find his voice. 

“Children’s television experts think that in 2015, now he’s 50, that Humphrey should finally get a voice and who are we to argue?” Imagination chief executive Shane Yeend told

“We have talked with two separate Australian Hollywood A-list actors who have put their hands up to be the voice of their childhood icon.

“We have had serious discussions with a few (networks) over the last couple years.

“Original children’s television in Australia is a hard road as the investment is huge.

“This week, though, there was a meeting in Sydney with one of the big United States children’s television companies about Humphrey.”


Who could forget his catchy theme song (although not all of us can recall such graphics being used to inroduce him of a morning)!

Would you take a walk down memory lane if they did reintroduce Humphrey for a short TV stint or even a feature length movie? 

The current owners certainly think there is a market for his return. 

“You’d be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t got a fond memory of Humphrey growing up,” Shane Yeend said.

“I believe Humphrey has a unique heritage brand value proposition — parents and grandparents continue to introduce their children to Humphrey.


“He has been entertaining and educating children in over 40 countries and holds a special place in the hearts of all Australians.”


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