The stage show ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ has been cancelled after backlash from transgender activists. 

It has been removed from the 2021 Sydney Festival after the show’s producers were slammed for casting Packed To The Rafters actor Hugh Sheridan as the title character who’s reportedly transgender.

The Queer Artist Alliance Australia branded the casting “offensive”, claiming that the lead role of Hedwig Robinson should be given to a transgender person.

“The choice to cast a cis-gender male as a transgender character is offensive and damaging to the trans-community, and continues to cause genuine stress and frustration amongst trans- and gender- nonconforming performers all across Australia,” the group wrote in an open letter.

“It is unquestionable Hugh is a talented and deserving actor… it is not appropriate for a cis actor to be the gatekeeper of a trans story.”


The team behind the Australian production of Hedwig And The Angry Inch released a statement in response, writing: “We wish to assure the Trans and LGBTQIA+ community that the issues raised are respected and taken very seriously.”

The Sydney Festival has confirmed that all ticket-holders will be refunded.

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