According to, an ‘insider’ has revealed that more than one celebrity gets to the end of the course BUT only one is actually crowned the ‘winner’!

Imagine fighting your way through to the end and NOT winning, apparently those that did were considered and deemed “not fit for selection.”

The source said “Just because someone completes the course does not mean they will pass selection.”

Hear our chat with SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton:


So who’s left and who do you think will make it through?

Molly Taylor, Sabrina Frederick, James Magnussen, Merrick Watts and Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins.

There are a few names there that we saw going the whole way, but it’ll be interesting to see who will actually make it.

“They want to see who fits the mould; who has the right attitude, determination, and grit they’re looking for… The ultimate question the DS are asking themselves is – would we have you in our team; would we want you standing next to us in a war zone?”

Worst part is that there is no prize!

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