This little girl isn’t even out of elementary school and she’s making six figures monthly by whipping up sweet treats on YouTube!

AdAge recently revealed a list of the top earning YouTube channels, focusing on the ‘beauty and style’ and ‘food and cooking’ categories. 

The highest monthly earner in the ‘food and cooking’ category is 8-year-old Charli with her channel CharlisCraftyKitchen

Charli makes an estimated $127,777 each month… and that’s after YouTube takes their cut of her earnings. That’s more than what most people make in a year!!!!

Charli’s videos attract around 29 million views every month. 

What’s the appeal you may ask? Her super cute accent and incredible recipes. 


She started her channel in 2012 at age 6, now she has 300,000 followers. 

Who here is thinking of quitting their day job? 

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