Ever wondered how much reality stars make when they’re on the show?

Turns out…not much.

Mamma Mia had a look into it and found it’s actually pretty meagre.

On Gogglebox, which has just announced they’re re-casting, they reportedly don’t pay a talent fee, although they do pay a small location fee (in the first season it was $250/day) to whoever owned the property.

On Married At First, Telv and Nasser said they received $150/day compensation but all contestants had to pay for their clothes and food themselves.

And looks like Survivor’s even more stingy – paying out just $90/day, although of course there is the chance of going home with $500,000 if you win.

So if you’re planning on going on a reality show, might be a good idea to have some pennies in the bank before signing up.

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