It’s pretty silly that he even went ahead with his campaign, but Kanye West went ahead to bid to become the president of the United States Of America against Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

He was never going to win because his name couldn’t even be on the ballot in every state but this was just a warm up.

According to US Weekly, West received 60,000 votes across the 12 states his name actually appeared.

Hear more about Kanye’s votes here:

Tennessee was his most popular state with 10,188 votes, but these numbers only attributed to 0.3% of the total state vote.

In Idaho he received 3, 631 votes which attributed to 0.4% of the state’s total vote, Utah with 4, 344 votes and Oklahoma with 5, 590 votes.


The best part of this is that Kanye had to admit defeat very early in the day, writing “WELP” on a tweet which he lated deleted and changed to KANYE 2021!

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