We’re all looking a little worse for wear right now, with hairdressers desperate to get back to work and customers desperate to get in their doors.

Sydneysiders haven’t been allowed to step foot in a salon for months now, but were you aware that Australian media and journalism have an exemption to the rule?

According to The Daily Telegraph, Channel Nine stated their exemption under the health orders in place, “Due to the nature of productions, hair and make-up artists were considered authorised workers,” reported The Daily Telegraph.

“The hair and makeup teams are regularly tested and screened for Covid,” the spokesperson said.

“They have been supplied PPE (personal protective equipment) that they are required to wear while working.”


Since their jobs involve being presentable on our screens, the exemption makes sense!

Abbie Chatfield was under fire recently online for appearing to have her roots done professionally, with people unsure as to how she was allowed to do so.

Luckily for Abbie, she was working on a ‘television project’ at the time which has now been revealed at hosting Love Island’s ‘Afterparty’ show and managed to squeeze some needed TLC from a hairdresser.

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