Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been discharged from a Gold Coast hospital but remain in self-isolation as they recover from coronavirus.

Their son Chet Hanks posted a video message on Instagram about his parents being released from hospital after they tested positive to COVID-19 last week.

He said their health had improved and people needed to stay calm

“They are still self-quarantined obviously, but they are feeling a lot better so that’s a relief,” Chet said in the video post.

“I just want to say anyone else out there that has loved ones, or if you yourself are inflicted with the virus, my prayers go out to you, because a lot of people are suffering other than my parents right now.

“I just wish everyone a swift and speedy recovery.”

Hanks is in Queensland filming a Baz Luhrmann biopic about Elvis Presley. Production has ceased for two weeks.


Hanks is not believed to have infected any other cast or crew.

Singer-songwriter Wilson recently performed in Brisbane and Sydney.

Hanks issued a statement last Thursday saying he and Wilson went to hospital after feeling run down.

He said they would comply with all Australian health restrictions relating to the virus.

While in hospital Hanks tweeted his gratitude to the medical staff caring for them.

The post, which included a photo of two pieces of toast smothered in Vegemite, sparked a furious social media debate about the correct amount and application of the popular spread.


Wilson asked Twitter to help her compile a music playlist for those in isolation, calling it “Quarantunes”.