In massive news for fans of late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, a previously unreleased track intended to be included on his solo album has finally been released.

Called “Friction’ the song was recorded in 1997 but was not included on his solo album that was released posthumously in 1999.

Danny Saber, who produced the album says that the song was inspired by English group Black Grape who he had previously worked with.

Speaking with Rolling Stone Saber says:  

“Bono told me they could always hear him cranking Black Grape coming up the hill, They knew it was him from three miles away.

It (Friction) was pretty much done when he died,” says Saber. “It just needed to be mixed. It took about a year before I could even listen to it or think about it.


It was a fully formed song and it was all laid out, I just came back and tried to make it into something. Sonically, I know Michael would have loved it.

When it comes to being a frontman, there was nobody better at it than him,” Saber continues.

“When I was working on his solo record, I met Jagger through him and I met Bono through him. The fact that I was working with Michael gave me so much credibility with them. They all watched him, especially Bono. He sort of got written off into this tabloid-y guy, and it’s not quite right.”

The previously unreleased track can be streamed here in full and can be purchased here with with an exclusively designed tee shirt.