It’s that time of year… when you forget to buy everything you have had two months to buy.

Usually, you remember your kids needs 3 different kinds of pens, 74 pencils and a protractor (why?) at about 7PM the night before they are due back.

And everywhere but the supermarket is shut and some jerk of a Mum has been more organised and bought them out of everything.

Well. Don’t stress.

We spotted a wonderful advert in our Facebook feed that you may not have seen, from the wonderful people at Officeworks.

It’s important.

Select Officeworks stores will be open until MIDNIGHT all this week!


So, not only can you head down once the kids are in bed, you can take your sweet time and ensure that you have got a pencil case that really fits their personality.

I’ll take a Shopkins one.

Find out if your local store is open late by clicking here.

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