V Energy has teased its loyal fan base with the “announcement” of a new flavour, Fairy Bread.

As much as I’m certain these won’t become a suitable replacement for your kids 9th birthday party, although it’s bound to make chasey more interesting… I wouldn’t let them bob for apples either!

That being said, fans of the energy beverage shouldn’t be holding their breath…

Because… it’s not real… V Energy isn’t going to release a Fairy Bread flavoured beverage.

That’s not to say they don’t like the idea! In their recent post showing off their grandiose product they stated, “Imagine if this was real. 😍👀”

Does this mean there’s potential for this flavour? I like to think so!


Fans commented on the page and strongly agree this “needs to be real!”

I guess we’ve got to wait and see now…?

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