Smart Phones at the ready witches and wizards!

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter has launched on our phones in Australia TODAY and we’re so excited we almost spat out our pumpkin juice when we heard the news!

From the makers of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game is known as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and it can be downloaded as an app for iOS or Android as it launches worldwide Friday June 21!

The game will really immerse Potter fans in the wizarding world by introducing you into a narrative, unlike Pokemon Go where the aim was simply to catch various creatures and battle in arenas.

Your job in the game is an important one – to make sure that the Wizarding world is not exposed to muggles!

You’ll work as part of the Ministry of Magic’s Statute of Secrecy Task Force, to investigate the villain known as ‘The Calamity”, which is a mysterious force causing magical things to appear before non-magic folk.

Using spells and potions, you will work to return the magical items back to the wizarding world and stop the secret from getting out.


Similar to Pokemon Go, players are being encouraged to travel to real-world location to get the full-experience of the game.

This comes after a Beta edition of the app was launched in Australia and New Zealand back in May.

Does anyone know of a spell to stop our phones running out of battery because no doubt we’ll be playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite all darn day until that thing runs flat!

See you out on the streets Potter fans!


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