We’re deep back in Gilead with the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

When asked about her character’s choices this season, actor-extraordinaire Elisabeth Moss said with a laugh, “If they think that now, they’re going to have a real ride this season, because she’s definitely going to do some stuff that people are going to question,” she said. “The journey that she goes on is so unexpected.”

June is set to navigate the expected minefield, while trying to get her rebellion together, after choosing to stay in Gilead last season, while freeing her infant daughter from the hell-world she refused to let her child remain in.

June must now find her allies – POWERFUL allies – to bring down the world she has endured for so long.

I just hope we see that happen, and SOON.

If you’re angry, confused, a little emotional about the first three episodes, Mayday is here to the rescue with a recap of episodes 1-3, to clear up any burning questions you have about what is going through June’s head and what is in store for her and the people of Gilead this season. Listen below!

And can I just say that June and Mrs. Waterford lying on sunbeds by the pool, smoking cigarettes is THE MOOD of the whole season.


Hell YES. Blessed be.

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