It’s one of the Blue Mountains’ biggest mysteries. Yes, you know what we’re talking about – the mysterious black panther.

Rumours of the giant black panther roaming the area have been around for decades with more than 500 sightings recorded since 2001.

However, one of its biggest fans is Aussie television personality Grant Denyer who claims to have seen the mysterious creature numerous times on his Bathurst property.

“I’ve seen it three times. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and my wife has as well,” he told Jonesy & Amanda.

Listen below:

He added, “It was in a paddock with sheep in it, and it is the size of a full-sized sheep, so it may have bred over the years with wild cats.”


“I’ve got some video evidence of it… when I saw it with binoculars, there’s a couple of burrows I saw it emerging from.

“It’s way too big to be a pet!”

So, who do you believe? Could the mysterious black panther be real? It sure looks like it!

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