Aussie children’s program ‘Bluey’ has taken the entire world by storm, fast becoming one of the most popular kids shows in the world.

Recently, the show aired an episode featuring the (adorable) puppies playing a game of pass-the-parcel, a classic party game.

I don’t know about you, but back in the days I was playing this game, a big prize was hidden amongst layers and layers of wrapping paper, with mini prizes hidden on different layers BUT NOT ALL.

Bluey’s neighbour, Lucky, seemed to share a similar experience, complaining that there isn’t supposed to be a prize under every single layer like there was at that party.

Some parents do this to ensure every child wins a prize, which is understandable but Lucky responds with a sentiment I’m sure a lot of parents hold right now.

“Suck it up… we’re raising a nation of squibs.”

When Lucky then hosted his son’s own party, he only put one prize in the middle and the kid’s learnt an amazing lesson.


After being disappointed, they’d tell themselves ‘next time’ and still have a great day to a point that they even preferred that version of the game!

The West Australian interviewed psychologies Jocelyn Brewer who stated that the episode “captures how parenting and childhood has changed over the last generation”

“We want to hold onto aspects of what worked from when we were kids, keeping in mind our experience of being parented probably varies from our parents’ memory of what was going on, and combine it with new approaches and insights.”

What are your thoughts on this?

Are these the sort of lessons children aren’t learning anymore?

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