It’s very easy to look at people on television and assume they have it all. Very rarely do we take the time to look deeper and consider what else is going on in their lives.

Take Georgie Gardner, the bubbly, charismatic Channel Nine newsreader who says her family ‘has been divided’ after opening up about her ‘challenging’ childhood.

Gardner told Mamamia how her brother refuses to speak to her after she publicly discussed her childhood, and her parents’ messy divorce.

‘I’ve probably over-shared a bit. To an extent I regret that,’ the 44-year-old former Today Show star revealed.

‘It’s pretty messy. Sadly I’ve got a brother who still isn’t talking to me three years on.’

Gardner spoke of the difficulties of growing up in Perth during an interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly in 2012.

‘We had a privileged upbringing, in the material and opportunity sense, but there was a lot of turbulence and confusion, and deep sadness brought on by a pretty bitter divorce,’ she told the magazine.


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During the darkest period, my friends and siblings got me through.’

Georgie opted not to go into too much detail, for fear of hurting those close to her, but she did describe the situation as ‘toxic’ and admitted that she mainly keeps in touch with her mother for the sake of her children, Bronte, 10, and Angus, 8.

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‘It wasn’t the happiest of childhoods I’ve got to say, because my parents divorced when I was five and it was a pretty acrimonious breakup.

‘It was hard. My parents both went on and married again and had more children. The three of us [her older sister and younger brother] always felt a bit like “where do we fit in?”‘

But Georgie stays optimistic, which is why she is so loved on screen by so many Aussies – and why so many were devasted when she chose to leave her seat on the TODAY Show in June 2014.

‘It gave me the tools to be very resilient, and very compassionate and understanding when people are a bit confused and lost in the world.’


Source: Daily Mail

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