Last Sunday KISS played the Download Festival in England and before the show Gene Simmons compared his band to The Stones and U2  with these proud words:

“The challenge is still open out there to The Rolling Stones, U2, anybody who’s the best at what they do. Step in the ring. You either have the fire in your blood or the fire in your belly or you shouldn’t be there.”

Gene Simmons seems to think because a KISS show contains pyrotechnics, explosions, blood and spitting fire, that shows by The Rolling Stones and U2 can’t be nearly as good.

It’s obvious Simmons hasn’t been to a show by either band in a long time.

In other news, Simmons was in London today where he picked up the Legend Award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer received the Defender of the Faith award while Queen guitarist Brian May took home the Riff Lord award.

KISS’s 40th Anniversary Word Tour celebrations continue – they play Australia this October.