Gabi Grecko-Edelsten broke down in tears on Channel 9’s A Current Affair after revealing her fears for her future child.

The 26-year-old married disgraced business man Geoffrey Edelsten, 72, last Friday said she has already been given grief by online trolls after her baby announcement. 

She was left upset by online trolls after she used a stock pregnancy photo on her Instagram instead of her own pregnancy test, accused of faking it.

“They don’t want to help, they want to just attack me and I don’t want them to attack my baby,” she told A Current Affair.

“I want all those people out there to be positive towards it, because I am already worried. I am worried, I want things to go right.”

Their first child together will be Edelsten’s second child, his son born in 1989 – the same age as Grecko-Edelsten.

The pregnancy news comes quickly after their surprise wedding on Friday, just hours before Grecko-Edelsten’s visa was set to expire. 

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