If you speak more than one language fluently you are probably very familiar with the fact that nothing really translates like it should.

It’s impossible to reflect a culture’s idioms and slang in a universal way.

That’s why the phrase “lost in translation” exists.


Just check out what these popular American TV shows are called in other languages:

* In Hungary, Game of Thrones is called Throne Fight

* In Russia, Six Feet Under is called The Customer is Always Dead


* In the Czech Republic, That 70’s Show is called Golden 70’s

* Curb Your Enthusiasm in Sweden translates to Swim Quietly, Larry

* In Slovenia, House is called Doctor’s Conscience

* Lost is called Infernal Paradise in Hungary

* The Russian OC is called Lonely Hearts

* In Serbia Mad Men is called People in Manhattan.


* Breaking Bad translates to In the Shoes of Satan in Bulgaria

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