This US election has thrown up more weird twists and turns than even the most confusing M. Night Shyamalan films.

But this might just be the weirdest, most ridiculous moment from all those months of campaigning.

Donald Trump’s soon-to-be-overworked legal team were set to hold a press conference in Philadelphia, with Trump’s team sending out a note to the media that it would be held at “Four Seasons, Philadelphia”.

But before reporters made their way to the Four Seasons Hotel (like most rational people would probably assume), Trump clarified, tweeting that they actually meant Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Philadelphia… not the hotel.

The confusion quickly made way for a prolonged and vigorous roasting and, we presume, a very embarrassed and possibly now unemployed staffer who accidentally booked a suburban garden centre instead of a five-star hotel.

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing was where the store was located and what was next door, take a listen…

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