Former Australian Test cricketer Gavin Robertson has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

According to a post on his Facebook page by his children, the Test and ODI spinner had a brain tumour removed almost two weeks ago.

“It’s time to get to [you] all and tell where dad is at. He’s had a brain tumour removed on Monday and waiting a week to find out where he’s at with the cancer level and what happens from here,” the statement says.

“It’s all happened quickly but (brain surgeon) Dr Charlie Teo is his friend and he told him at 12pm Monday to get to his surgery and he operated 5 (hours) later.

“Dad’s had over 400 (messages) but I’m just filling in the rest of our friends. Fingers crossed. Keep (you) up to date. Jake, Zoe & Brittany.”

Fans have used social media to send messages of support to the cricketer and his family.


“I hope today went a little bit better for you Gavin! We’re all praying and leaning in for you and you’re family mate,” wrote one fan. 

Another added: “My best wishes old mate, I am praying for you and hope you beat this terrible thing.”

The Sydney-born off cricketer’s career took off in Tasmania during the 1989-90 season. He was called to the national team for four Tests and several ODIs during the 1990s.

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