Former AFL player Dale Thomas has broken down in tears before competing in a snake challenge on Channel 10’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

His fearful crying, which will air tonight, precedes a challenge where Thomas knew he had to put his head into a box filled with snakes.

Thomas broke down and said “I always disliked snakes, and how they move, and everything about them. If you fear something, you steer away from it as far as possible. I’m proper petrified.”

The footage will be shown at 7:30 PM tonight and is not the first time Thomas has been open during his time on the show.

In previous days, he has said that sought counselling while the height of his career to ‘deal with “all this s— I’d carried around for 30 years”.

“I started seeing a counsellor.

“Within about a month, I was able to go in go and express myself.


“It felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders … all this s— that I’d carried around for 30 years.

“Every time something got worse it just stacked on and stacked on.

Thomas said that he told his teammates about the ordeal and they were appreciative of him telling them.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs Sunday – Thursday nights at 7:30 PM on 10.

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