You’ve probably used recycled tyres before and not even known it.

You may have driven on a road or walked on a pavement made from recycled tyres. Your kids may have played in a park or on a sports field that uses a surface made from recycled tyres. They can also be found doing all sorts of amazing things in industry, farming and even horse racing.

Considering over 50 million tyres are thrown away in Australia each year,finding alternate uses for them is so important. That’s what Tyre Stewardship Australia does. Thanks to the Tyre Stewardship Australia program old tyres have found their way into so much of our daily lives.

But it’s easy for you to help. All you need to do is head to your local accredited tyre retailer when you are in the market for new tyres. Not only will your tyres be recycled into all types of useful things, 25 cents from each purchase goes towards research into new uses for your old tyres.

You can find tyre brands that fund sustainable initiatives at

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