After what feels like decades since the confirmation of Stone to play the famous villain, we finally have a better idea of what this new “punk rock” inspired Cruella de Vil will be… and we’re seriously here for it!

This past weekend, during Disney’s D23 Expo convention in Anaheim, California, the first photo from the film was revealed.

Stone can be seen sporting the iconic black and white Cruella part hairstyle, wearing a black leather jacket – giving off a very 80’s punk meets Vogue editorial vibe.

She is tightly grasping three dog leashes attached to three gorgeous Dalmatians. In the background are Cruella’s worker men/comedy duo, Jasper and Horace.

According to IGN, Stone addressed the D23 crowd saying, “since you’re such huge Disney fans, we wanted to let you know a bit about the story… 1970s set in London, it’s punk rock.”


In the original 1961 Disney animated film 101 Dalmatians, Cruella kidnaps Dalmatian puppies for the purposes of using their fur to make coats and one pair of dog parents set off to save all of them.

Also starring Emma Thompson and directed by Craig Gilespie, Cruella is set for release on May 28, 2021.

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