Can you believe the Stephen King cult classic, Firestarter is turning 40?

And just like everything sacred, it’s getting a new reboot *ahem* ‘movie adaptation’ starring Zac Efron.

King’s 1980 novel follows a young girl who develops pyrokinetic abilities and is taken by a secret government agency that wants to harness her ability as a weapon.

The movie adaptation of the book came in 1984, starring the cute-as-a-button Drew Barrymore who was still fresh from her appearance in 1982’s ET: The Extra-Terrestrial.

Barrymore played Charlene ‘Charlie’ McGee, whose parents, Andy and Vicky, participated in an experiment back in college where they were given a dose of a drug called LOT-6 which ended up giving the couple telepathic abilities.

Years later, Charlie develops her own pyrokinetic and future-seeing abilities.

Her powers increase exponentially, and chaos ensues.


So if the original book and movie is about young Charlie, how can Efron be front-and-centre of the ‘new adaptation’?

Rumour has it that this version will see Efron play Charlie’s dad, Andy McGee… but the official casting announcement isn’t actually clear on what role Efron has agreed to play.


The movie’s release is tipped for 2022.

Efron is also slated to appear in the reboot of Three Men And A Baby.


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