Drivers have been receiving triple the amount of fines since the removal of speed camera signs in NSW.

The changes began in November and the local government has been accused of revenue-raising.

Not only have the signs been removed, but the cameras have been working more than ever operating at almost 21,000 hours monthly from the 7,000 they used to run.

Warning signs used to be a requirement 250m ahead of the mobile speed camera and 50m after, but the warnings have now been removed.

This combined with the unmarked cards containing cops with speed cameras has had a huge impact on our pockets.

9 News reported new figures which show that revenue is at a record high, with the government raking in almost $2.5 million in December compared to the $400,000 that was calculated in December in a previous year.

You can actively check where new cameras are being installed on the government website which might ease your concerns a little bit.


The government’s goal is for you to follow speed limits everywhere, then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

In theory, this makes sense so watch those speed odometers!

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