Married At First Sight bride and author Scarlett left us all really confused last night, when we discovered that she had an American accent that was there and then not.

The blonde was portrayed as a ditsy 30-year-old who hangs around in her pink bedroom but that wasn’t even on peoples radars compared to her accent.

It didn’t help when her mother started speaking, with a perfect Australian accent.

Well, don’t stress, Scarlett has explained it all.

Speaking to Channel Nine’s The Fix website, she said “I was born in Sydney, but I left when I was five, so my family and I were travelling around mostly Canada and America.


‘’I went to school in America, and I think that accent kind of stuck. But I’ve been in Australia nearly 10 years now and went to university here. People tend to have the wrong idea of me because they don’t understand my background,’’ she continued.

Scarlett wasn’t the star of her own wedding with her mother Marie getting angry because groom Michael didn’t say hello to her.

It’s all very dramatic.

Married At First Sight airs at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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