Filmmaker Gaspar Noé has made a film about love, relationships and sex. He’s not joking about the last element, either. The film, Love, shows the actors in actual sexual acts, is subsequently rated R and is going to be available for 3D cinema viewing in Australia. So, whoa!

The film is about a young passionate couple and their exploration of sex and intimacy, premiering at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where it reportedly sparked brawls with people trying to get into the midnight screening. Gaspar and his cast were the controversial rock stars of the cinematic event… 

Irony not lost, Sex Party MP, Fiona Patten finds the R classification abhorrent telling Daily Mail, ‘The film actually falls into Australia’s very strict child pornography exemptions. Because it is was classified R it was exempt from these guidelines, but it makes it an all-the-more interesting decision.’

‘The R classification has until this point been reserved for simulated sex scenes only. The fact this has actual sex scenes shows the shortcomings in our classification system,’ she said. ‘This instance proves the fact that we still have two adult classifications is kind of outdated. We should just have one.’

But, that’s not to say Patten wishes ill will to the project. ‘Having said [all] that I hope it has a wonderful success,’ she added to Daily Mail.

Love screen in Melbourne’s Lido from Oct 29 before planned screenings in Sydney.


The trailer, which consists entirely of three people kissing simultaneously, can be watched here

Source: Daily Mail

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