With the looming state election in focus, it was a ‘poles and wires’ Fight For Your Flashback special today with the chosen songs needing an ‘electrical’ element to them.

Jonesy went with High Voltage – AC/DC and Amanda chose Ray of Light – Madonna.

Jonesy took out the win, watch the hilarious video above displaying all of Jonesy’s ‘best’ dance moves.

About Fight For Your Flashback

Fight For Your Flashback is a Jonesy & Amanda special feature heard Friday mornings just after 7am.

Jonesy & Amanda each choose a song they used to love (but haven’t heard on the radio for ages).

After they reveal their choices we open the sms and phone votes for you to decide which song gets played in full.


Vote via SMS by texting “Vote Jonesy” or “Vote Amanda” to 1999 1017 – SMS cost $0.55.

Helpline: 1800 444 407… OR, call us on 9611 1000.

Remember, your vote helps decide the outcome!

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