Weddings are always an emotional day, but what this Father of the Bride did at his daughter’s wedding is pretty high on the list of “sweetest things ever”…

Todd Bachman’s daughter, Brittany, was getting married and was going to walk her down the aisle, but he stopped the wedding to grab her step dad from the crowd.

So Todd Bachman and Todd Cendrosky both walked the lucky bride down the aisle to give her away.

The wedding photographer, Delia D. Blackburn, caught the heartwarming moments in a series of photographs.

She posted them to Facebook and wrote:

“In case you missed it…I got to be apart of a magical moment Saturday! The bride’s father, Todd Bachman stopped the traditional bridal procession and surprised the stepfather, Todd Cendrosky by asking him to walk their daughter down the aisle together.

“NOT a DRY EYE at the ceremony, including me!!!”

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