Disney is officially our hero following the numerous incredible announcements that they made at the D23 conference over the weekend.

One of the biggest announcements that basically made the entire world lose their collective minds was that Lizzie McGuire would be getting the reboot that it truly deserves.

The woman behind the blonde character that made up part of pretty much all of our childhoods, Hilary Duff, appeared at the conference to announce that she would be reprising her iconic role for the reboot, which will appear on the new streaming service Disney+.

Basically we still haven’t stopped hyperventilating since we found out. This must’ve been what Lizzie was singing about in the Italian Colosseum because this is exactly WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!

But just wait, it gets better. The plot for the new series sounds INCREDIBLE. It will reportedly follow Lizzie in her 30s as she lives her seemingly perfect life in New York City.


“Lizzie has also grown up, she’s older, she’s wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget,” Hilary said at the Expo.

“She has her dream job, the perfect life right now working as an apprentice to a fancy New York City decorator, the perfect man who owns a fancy restaurant. She’s getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday.”

Oh, and remember Lizzie’s sassy avatar? She’s making a comeback too! And not only will she be the same, sarcastic, inner thoughts of Lizzie’s mind, but she’ll also rock the exact same outfit!

“We can’t lose animated Lizzie! She’s the heart of it and the sass of it all. And she’s going to have the same outfit, which I’m obsessed with,” Lizzie…We mean Hilary said to Variety.

Hilary also posted about the news on Instagram, sharing an iconic throwback video from the original series.


“SURPRISE!!! I’ve been trying to contain this excitement for a loooong time while this has been in the works! I am beyond excited to be home again, back with my girl…and into her 30s,” she wrote.

“I am beyond excited,” she added in an Instagram story. “Honestly, I’ve thought about what I would say for quite a few days now and I don’t really have words. It’s crazy.”

“I’ve really missed her. I think now is a great time for her to come back in her 30s. You know she’s everybody’s best friend and I can’t wait to go on this next chapter with her, and I hope everyone is as excited as I am.”

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It was magical ✨

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The only thing that hasn’t really been answered is whether any of the other original cast members are going to make an appearance.

But seriously, if Lizzie and Gordo aren’t still together we will RIOT!

The only other series regular who has posted about the new was Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie’s brother Matter, so maybe that’s a sign that at least he’ll be signing on?

As for a date for the reboot, nothing has been confirmed yet! All we’re being told is that it’s coming soon.



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