After hearing the “gutless” attacks and slurs made towards Today Show host Deb Knight, Amanda Keller thought she would come to the journalist’s defence to highlight the “clear and dodgy double standard” of women in the industry.

“This really touches on something that triggers a lot of women… me included,” Amanda said on yesterday’s show.

“I look busier than I am and I’m always at pains to tell people that.

“I get defensive when people say to me, ‘God, could you be any busier?’ or ‘When are you ever at home?’ because they’ve seen me on a show that was recorded in the middle of the day, two months ago.”

During Erin Molan’s Thursday NRL segment, the sports presenter decided to put her two cents in, recalling an offensive email she received accusing her of “neglecting” her daughter, Eliza.


“I work incredibly hard to support my family and to provide a future for my daughter,” Molan told Jonesy & Amanda.

“Some of the correspondence I receive – from people who have absolutely no idea what my home arrangement is – is so offensive and so vile.

“I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a lady saying she thinks I put money first, then myself, then my daughter, because I work.

“A lot of things that I get hurt my feelings a little bit… but that one really upset me because I work very hard but I also structure my work so my daughter is my priority. She comes first.

“I do all my prep at home with her at home, and I shouldn’t have to justify this.”

Despite regularly appearing on audiences’ television screens and radios, Molan continues to reiterate that every other part of her life is spent with her daughter… and that’s a lot!


That’s where the issue of double standards lies.

“Men [in the media] are rewarded for being busy… with four or five jobs and babies at home. They don’t get a single comment,” Amanda responded.

And, it is true.

David Koch has four children, and is a financial journalist, columnist, chair of Port Adelaide Football Club, and was even awarded Father of the Year in 2007. Similarly, our very own Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones can be heard on the radio, seen on the television, and his words can be read in our newspapers. Neither of these men have received messages accusing them of “neglecting” their children, while women in the industry receive these on a daily basis.


Jonesy reaffirms this, stating: “I’m doing just as much as you guys but nobody bats an eyelid.”

Interestingly, both Deb Knight and Erin Molan note that these offensive comments come predominantly from women.

“This is from other women. I have not once received anything nasty from a male regarding what I do and how hard I work,” Molan says.

However, unlike traditional ‘trolls’ or ‘keyboard warriors’, these women are believe what they are writing.


In regards to the above mentioned email that Molan received, she explains that: “I think this lady genuinely believed what she wrote to me. She put her name, email address, phone number, and she actually believed what she wrote – that my daughter is not my priority, that I work too much, money is first, I’m second, and my daughter is third.”

“That’s why it cut me so deep.”

We often wonder what prompts people to send others such explicit hate, but Amanda attributes it to self-esteem.

“It’s women who aren’t working and need to protect themselves on that front.

She adds, “There’s a thousand reasons why this stuff happens but even the most innocuous comment can pierce your heart because we’re so sensitive to it.”

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