Have you ever been in a live radio interview and accidentally gave out some super personal information that you weren’t supposed to hear? Well, unfortunately that was the case for Erin Molan this morning.

Just hours after losing her car keys, Erin needed some help… in the form of an ‘Airtasker’.

“I’ve downloaded the Airtasker app and I’ve never used it before so I basically got somebody I don’t know to come to the house to pick up the spare key that I’m not sure is even for my car, it might be for my old car.”

Before we could get more context around the situation, the television personality asked Jonesy & Amanda to hold, exclaiming, “Oh sorry, this is horrendous radio”.

Unbeknownst to Erin, we could hear her whole conversation with her assigned Airtasker. Yes, the whole thing.

It wasn’t until she started giving him the exact location of the car that Amanda had to interject.

“Let’s not give out addresses for things, Erin!”


In a rather awkward few seconds of silence, Jonesy added some context to the situation, explaining the flurry of texts they received from her earlier that morning.

“She thought she locked her keys in her car but no, she hasn’t locked her keys in the car, she’s lost the keys.”

Wait, what?

“She was in a shopping centre when she lost the keys!”

It was at that moment that Jonesy’s voyeuristic traits kicked in.

“Let’s keep listening!” he said, fading her back in, while Erin continued to give out some super personal information.


“No, let’s not talk about money and stuff on air!” Amanda rebutted.

Erin Molan truly is one of us, and we love her for it.

Rather than us try to explain the bizarre situation, have a listen to the whole conversation above!