Eric Clapton has composed his first film soundtrack since working on the Lethal Weapon franchise in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

This latest effort is for Australian director Philippe Mora’s documentary, Three Days in Auschwitz, which will debut at the New Horizons International Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland on July 24th.

Mora, who’s been friends with Clapton since 1967, says, “This was a unique and trusting collaboration between old friends. I was simply blown away by Eric’s score for this film, which combined the tragedy of the events with a celebration of life. He created music with great dignity and emotional power. In my opinion, this is one for the ages.”

Clapton produced Mora’s first film, 1969’s Trouble in Molopolis, and he composed music for Mora’s 1989 alien encounter film, Communion.

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