Elton John’s anger got the best of him during his concert in Gloucester, England on Sunday. According to the BBC, the musician was forced to apologize after comparing a concert worker to Hitler.

Elton apparently took issue with the way the stewards at Kingsholm Stadium were trying to control the crowd. He lashed out at one woman in particular. 

“Now all you stewards down there, especially the woman in the pony tail, f**king lighten up will you?” he’s heard saying on a video of the performance posted by the BBC. “These people have come to hear music and if they want to put their hands in the air let them. This is not f**king China, so p**s off.”

He continued his foul-mouthed rant by reportedly telling the woman, “You put a uniform on and you think you’re Hitler — well you’re not.”

The female steward who bore the brunt of Elton’s anger walked off in tears. Elton later apologized to the woman, reportedly named Maria. He brought her on stage and she sat next to him on the piano stool while he sang her a song.

“It was highly inappropriate,” he told her. “I got frustrated. I know no one should ever talk to a lady like that and I’m very sorry.”


**Language Warning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A8bRb1VDLQ

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