Elton John has had a crustacean named in his honour. Taxonomists, scientists who study and name new species, are given the choice to pick names relevant names or simply name creatures after people they admire.

Dr. James Thomas from the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Florida, has named the newly discovered microscopic species L. eltoni. The reason was simple, as Thomas explains, “I have listened to his music in my lab during my entire scientific career. So, when this unusual crustacean with a greatly enlarged appendage appeared under my microscope after a day of collecting, an image of the shoes Elton John wore as the Pinball Wizard came to mind.” The little creature does seem to have very thick paws that resemble thick platform shoes!


Elton has homes in L.A., Atlanta and the U.K – to visit his new crustacean namesake he’ll need to travel to the waters off Indonesia and Hawaii.

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