Following the shock news that reality TV couple, Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule and Love Island’s Eden Dally, are having a baby, the surprises from the couple keep on coming.

It’s been revealed that the pair will be involved in an upcoming stripper show in Sydney, with the Daily Mail claiming that Eden has entered the adult entertainment industry to support his future family.

The news was announced on Instagram by the company that claims to host “Sydney’s hottest ladies night out”, the Sydney Hotshots.

“Married at first sight Cyclone Cyrell and Love Islands Eden Dally join the Hotshots show!!” the Kings Cross establishment wrote in a post alongside a promotional shot.

The accompanying photo explained that Eden would be “doing his full strip routine” while it seems that his pregnant girlfriend Cyrell will be “co hosting the show”.

According to the Daily Mail, Eden said that he’s excited to appear with the Sydney Hotshots and that he’s in “serious training to get my body into the best shape of my life”.


The publication also claims that Eden hopes that this gig will lead to a more permanent career as a stripper and a potential spot on Dancing With The Stars.

“I’m looking forward to leaning the dance routines with the guys and, who knows, it may lead to being on Dancing with the Stars next year,” Eden said, according to the Daily Mail.

This news comes after the pair announced that they are expecting a baby through an exclusive interview and photoshoot with New Idea.

Posting about the news herself, Cyrell teased the haters about the fact that she got a pay day to announce her pregnancy news.

“When u get paid 2K to have a baby,” she wrote alongside a photo from New Idea.


Despite this, Cyrell and Eden told New Idea that their baby is in no way a publicity stunt.

Both of the reality stars have also posted a close up image of their baby’s ultrasound to Instagram.

“Can’t wait to meet my little one! Boy or girl?” Eden captioned his post.


“I want a boy… I’m worries if we had a daughter it would be crazy like me,” Cyrell added in the comments.

Eden and Cyrell have also both asked for the public to keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to their baby news and to leave their unborn child out of any comments.

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