A video has emerged on reddit of disgraceful animal abuse, showing people forcing a possum to smoke a cigarette.

The horrifying video, titled ‘Possum Magic’, was posted to the website on Tuesday.

It shows a cigarette being lit in front of the possum’s face and held there for a few moments before the possum coughs from the smoke.

The video attracted tons of comments, but it was shocking to see just how many were making light of the footage.

Some however commented on how vile the act was.

“People who force animals to smoke are scum. I’ve heard of dogs having bad reactions with weed and dipsh*ts will still force their dogs to smoke,” wrote one person.

The video was posted under the name ‘Langington’, however, the person behind this account spoke with 10 Daily, saying that the video was not actually theirs.


“The video is not mine, a friend had shared it with me,” he said.

“It wasn’t my mate who filmed it either, I’m pretty sure a friend of his found it from somewhere and shared it with him as well.”

The video has since been deleted from the website.

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