While watching The Brady Bunch, we rarely ever think about what was actually going on behind-the-scenes, given the wholesome nature of the program.

Turns out, it wasn’t always sunshine and lollypops.

During the show’s fifth and final season, the cast was confronted with a potentially deadly situation.

In the episode ‘The Cincinnati Kids’, the Brady family head to a theme part, and can be seen riding a wooden rollercoaster. While it appears to be a completely innocent scene, it could have had serious consequences for the actors.

Before the cast got on the rollercoaster to film, Robert Reed (AKA Mike Brady) noticed the camera on the front of the car looked unsteady. In another account, series creator Sherwood Schwartz said he thought the camera was too tall and would hit an overhang.

Whatever the case, a test run was ordered without anyone on board.

During the test run, the camera flew off, and had anyone been on board, it would have most likely fallen back and seriously injured them, given the weight and size of it.


Who knew such an innocent show could pose so much danger?

Watch the clip above!

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