Ahh we love the internet. While typically embarrassing or cringey moments in history would disappear into oblivion, the internet keeps these things going strong with a permanent record of anything and everything weird, whacky and wonderful.

And today, we found out something rather marvellous on the good ol’ web.

You know how Brett Lee made his way back into the spotlight last night after being revealed as the parrot on The Masked Singer?

Well if you thought that this was the Aussie cricket legend’s first time behind the mic, then think again.

A quick deep dive into the internet led us to something called ‘Brett Lee’s Bollywood Career’. Yep, we sh*t you not, the fast bowler has made his way into the music charts over in India.


In fact, he had a number one song! It’s titled ‘You’re the One For Me’ and it truly is the stuff of both dreams and nightmares.

Now excuse us if you’re a major cricket fan and you already knew all of this. But this is brand new information for us and we’re honestly dying.

The lyrics were apparently written by Lee in 30 minutes during the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy in India and was released as a duet with Bollywood star Asha Bohsle.

Speaking about his musical success in India to KIIS FM, Brett said he still laughs about it.

“I did a song back in 2006 and it went to number one which was quite hilarious and I still laugh at it,” he told us.

“And to think that, you hear hundreds of thousands of people sing it in different stadiums around India throughout the tour, it’s so much fun.”


‘You’re the One for Me’ is about a westerner who is trying to woo an Indian woman. It’s a must watch/listen. Check it out here!

Hear more from our chat with Brett Lee about his experience on The Masked Singer in the video above!

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