Donald Trump may have paid actors to pad the room when he announced his presidential campaign.  The “Hollywood Reporter” printed an email, allegedly from a casting agency, offering clients $50 a pop to show up and cheer him on.  Trump’s campaign manager denies it.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, one of the first things he did, in true Trump fashion, was brag about how many people showed up to hear him speak.  Well, it turns out he may have padded those numbers.

The “Hollywood Reporter” got a hold of an email that a talent agency called Extra Mile Casting sent to its clients, seeking people to, quote, “wear t-shirts and carry signs and help cheer [Trump] in support of his announcement.”  The gig paid 50 bucks.

Questions about the crowd surfaced yesterday when a blogger noticed a picture of a man and a woman posing at the event who were both actors.

Meanwhile, another blogger took a picture after the speech, showing a staffer pushing a garbage can full of “homemade” Trump signs.  She said these signs were handed out to the crowd at the beginning of the night.

Obviously, Trump’s campaign manager denied it . . . adding, quote, “Mr. Trump draws record crowds at almost every venue at which he is a featured speaker.  The crowds are large, often record-setting and enthusiastic, often with standing ovations.”

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