Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry will team up with Alice Cooper and actor-guitarist Johnny Depp for a performance in September at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil. They are billing themselves as The Hollywood Vampires, borrowing the name of a drinking club Cooper belonged to in the ’70s. The singer has been sober since 1982.

Cooper has been working on an album of covers which will pay tribute to other members of that infamous club, including John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and Harry Nilsson. He’s aiming for a spring release in Australia.

Depp, who has made numerous appearances on stage with both Cooper and Aerosmith, joined them and Paul McCartney last year to record “Come and Get It,” which McCartney wrote for Badfinger. The session, which was filmed, will likely be part of, or tied in with, Cooper’s album.


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