A candid video has come out of actor Dennis Quaid absolutely losing it on set!

Dennis shrieks some extremely colourful sentences out to what sounds like the film’s director.

“I am acting here, and this D**k head wanders on to my set!”

“Don’t F***ing Dennis me, I am doing my job, I am a pro!”

What we don’t understand is how Dennis or anyone on set is able to restrain themselves from laughing when Dennis uses the line “Dopey the dick”.

Feel better Dennis!

WARNING: Dennis Quaid uses extremely strong language in this video!


Some reddit users have suggested that the video is a prank for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, much like the famous twerking girl catching on fire! Only time will tell.

If Dennis is involved in the prank, it wouldn’t be unusual. He was amazing in this hidden camera prank with Ellen!

Another theory from TMZ is that it was a stunt used to draw attention to Dennis’ new Crackle series.

TMZ asked him about it, didn’t get much at all, but are spinning it as a “cheeky smile”.


Check it out!

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