Aussie icon Denise Drysdale had a bit on an accident last night on Channel 7’s Holey Moley.

Now there are two things you should know, firstly no one wishes our dear sweet Denise any harm at all and thinking about that adorable woman in pain bring ME pain.

Second, Holey Moley is one of the craziest shows that has ever existed, so it’s no surprise this happened.

Denise Drysdale got electrocuted by a giant gopher in a lab coat who was in the middle of some sort of operation on ANOTHER giant gopher on the set of some sort of Frankenstein lab that doubled as a putt putt golf course…

Now naturally, Drysdale chased the gopher after he electrocuted her, because what else would you do if you were electrocuted by a giant rodent?

The poor woman tripped and fell on her shoulder (reportedly fracturing it!) saying “That hurt like hell, oh my god” while lying on the ground.


Get well soon Denise you bloody trooper!

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