She’s known for being a former Australian Women’s Weekly editor, TV presenter and model, but now Deborah Hutton is using her influence for a new mission – to raise awareness around the dangers of skin cancer.

A few months ago, Deborah shocked the nation after posting a photo of her nasty scars following life-saving surgery to remove aggressive skin cancers on her face.

“I have ummed and aahed about posting this but after having the stitches out from another major surgery to remove 2 skin cancers, and being extreme grateful they’ve got it all, I feel it’s only right to remind you to get your SKIN CHECKED!” she wrote at the time.

“Early detection is everything!! Don’t delay.”

This morning, Deborah joined Jonesy & Amanda to chat about her skin cancer battle, as well as the importance of regular skin checks.

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear Deborah’s skin cancer journey:


For more information, visit the Cancer Council.