After tagging along with him around the world, David Lee Roth’s Australian cattle dog Russell died after enjoying one last treat.

Roth spoke of the moment on a recent episode of his podcast, The Roth Report.

“That poor dog, he couldn’t move around. I think I waited too long; I’ve got that sentiment,” Roth said.

“He looked up at me with the eyes telegraph, the same words that my Grandma Betty said when she was 88… ‘Honey, I gotta tell you. Leave me alone. Let me go.’”

Russell’s bark could be heard on the track HoneyBabySweetieDoll, which appeared on Van Halen’s last album.

Roth detailed how Russell had been suffering from arthritis, leaving the doggo unable to even roll over.

“Instead of just tearing your heart out… we made plans ahead,” Roth said of he and his sister.


“She went to Pie ’n’ Burger. She got two of the biggest cheeseburgers they ever made… got two orders of french fries. Enough ketchup to float him, and two big vanilla milkshakes.

“And we brought them back and we fed two cheeseburgers to Russ, and his eyes rolled back in his head and his toes curled. And we said, ‘Oh, no, baby… we just gettin’ started!’”

Roth said he continued to feed Russell the full two meals until “his eyes rolled back, and we disappeared into his glorious memory of love, and he fell asleep and he went to Heaven.

“And I want you take note,” Roth added. “Because that’s how I want me to go, in case I can’t communicate.”

Pic credit: Van Halen News Desk

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