David Bowie fans visited the Vevo video website in droves on January 11, the day after the influential rocker died of cancer at age 69. Bowie’s Vevo-hosted video catalog drew a whopping 51 million views that day, breaking the record of 36 million catalog views set by Adele on October 23, when the British pop superstar’s “Hello” video premiered.

More than 60 clips spanning much of Bowie’s career are viewable on Vevo, including early classics like “Space Oddity,” “Life on Mars?” and “The Jean Genie,” as well as David’s two most recent videos  “Lazarus” and “Blackstar.” “Lazarus,” which premiered on Thursday, January 7, was Bowie’s most-watched video on the 11th, with 11.1 million views. Bowie’s total catalog views increased 5,198 percent that day in comparison to the average number of views during the previous seven days.

The “Lazarus” video eerily foreshadows Bowie’s passing, with scenes of the rock icon writhing in a hospital bed and ominously retreating into an armoire.

A special tribute to Bowie penned by U.K. music journalist Pete Paphides has been posted on Vevo’s blog site, along with links to several of David’s memorable video clips.

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