As you might expect, David Bowie’s passing was not lost on late night TV, three U.S. late night shows aired tributes to him on Monday.

Conan O’Brien devoted nearly seven minutes to airing a series of clips from Bowie’s visits to his show over the years, including one where Bowie sang a song Conan had written about himself.


Jimmy Fallon called Bowie “brilliant and sharp and dark and funny” and said they used to e-mail jokes to each other. He said he’s going to e-mail Bowie “in space or wherever you are — you don’t have to e-mail me back.” He urged his viewers to download Bowie’s albums, particularly his new Blackstar, and to “play it loud and thank him, thank him, thank him.”

Stephen Colbert left the tribute for musical guests El Vy, who performed Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” with help from The Late Show’s house band, Stay Human.


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