As if the news that Gaytime ice creams is now available in tubs wasn’t exciting enough comes these two new “flavours” of Drumsticks from Peters inspired by two of the country’s biggest entertainment names.

Both Dame Edna Everage and Jimmy Barnes have been immortalized in ice creams as part of the companies “Aussie Legends” limited edition series, with flavors inspired by their personalities and talent.

We thought that may mean the Dame Edna flavour was bitter and contained traces of nuts, while Barneys may be vodka flavored and recommend to consume after screaming at high volume to sooth your throat. 

Instead the ‘Glamington’ flavour for Dame Edna is lamington-flavoured ice cream with a raspberry swirl while Barnesys ‘One Tough Cookie Dough’ is made up of chocolate sauce, cookie crumbs and chunks of cookie dough.