Animals can be man’s best friend, a huge threat or just a completely different life form but what happens when they start to imitate their owners?

Here’s a collection of some of our favourite animals acting like humans. Whether it is cute or creepy is up to you… 

Now dogs may have a good sense off direction but we are not sure we’d trust them to be our cab driver as seen in this pic. 

We aren’t sure where the actual driver is, but hopefully they didn’t leave the keys in the ignition cos that could be dangerous… 

When did the Corgi get a driver’s license?! #Dogsofinstagram #Dexter #AnimalsActingLikePeople

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Or maybe it could indicate a way of the future… 


These dogs have been taught how to drive… We’re not sure how we feel about this. 

But I would really love to know how this idea came about… 

Then there is the world’s obsession with dogs wearing clothes and booties… 

I’m sorry miss but you definitely don’t pass for a lady… 


:S while the second dog… Uh… that one is even worse than plumber’s crack… 

The dog that checks the fridge time and time again through boredom… yep, been there.

Then there is the friendly bear who waves hello to passers by!


And we can totally commiserate with this puppy playing fruit ninja! (Our strategy isn’t much more calculated than this either)

We’ve all made this face when getting a massage too! 

They even can learn how to play musical instruments… although we aren’t sure this hit will be on our airwaves anytime soon… 


What is the most human-like thing you have ever seen a pet do? 

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